• Embracing Hybrid Trial Design — How, When, & Why To Use It

    Global Clinical Sciences & Operations Innovation Lead Lewis Millen talks about UCB’s approach to hybrid trial design, how and when it chooses to implement remote and virtual elements, and why a hybrid trial is beneficial to both the sponsor and the patient.

  • Using RWD For Rapid Signal Assessment: Current Gaps And Opportunities

    One of the chief benefits of applying RWD for rapid signal assessment is that it can provide a more accurate view of outcomes that should be expected within a given clinical scenario. However, before RWD’s maximum potential for rapid signal assessment can be reached, the industry must overcome some sizable challenges. Amgen's Vaishali Patadia explains.


Looking to minimize time on outreach or accelerate patient recruitment? Uncover how this partnership was able to deliver positive overall results for sponsors, ultimately benefiting patients.

Discover the many ways that real-world data is gaining significance in clinical research and healthcare decision-making processes by providing deeper industry insights.

Watch as panelists delve into the value of real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) to safety programs, how applications and data work together, impacts on post-marketing safety and adverse event monitoring, and innovative ideas for future success.

Watch as clinical trial experts present how life science professionals can incorporate real-world data (RWD) and patient tokenization into their clinical development value streams.