Study Design In Fountayn: Build Your Own Adventure

Source: Fountayn
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Discover how Fountayn’s Study Team supports clinical teams from the trial build and startup, administration, training, and design changes to data archiving and closing procedures.

The Fountayn Solution Services department within Fountayn was established in 2010 and has operated on the key premise of offering customizable solutions that best fit the needs of each of our clients. For Fountayn’s Full-Service Clients, this generally means identifying a Fountayn Study Team which will be responsible for support throughout the full lifecycle of a trial including build and setup during startup, user administration, training and design changes during the ongoing study phase and often full archival of study data and documentation when the trial comes to a close.

However, for clients who truly want to own their own solutions, the answer often is to empower the client’s team to build and manage their own trials in Fountayn. Enterprise Transfer (ET) Clients, as they’re referred to in Fountayn, take on the responsibility of as much or as little as they want in regards to their trials – designing whole trials or only facets of a study build, user administration, training and even archival. However, as a Project Manager for these accounts, my primary duty is to ensure that through a process of training, development and ongoing support of the client’s study team, they walk away fully prepared and confident in their ability to do so.

Whatever a client chooses to take in-house, Fountayn is fully equipped to offer comprehensive training via our Solutions group, but the support doesn’t stop once training is completed. For example, as ET clients complete study design, for any questions or support required, the Project Manager is prepared to pull in resources or step in themselves to help guide the client to make the best decisions for their trial.

This is a fundamental advantage of working with Fountayn as an EDC provider – big business solutions to allow a client to fully own their products but with a small business attitude towards service; our customers come first and no matter the level of proficiency that a client has, Fountayn is always prepared to step in to build advanced functionality such as Randomization, Clinical Supply or even CTMS. On a day-to-day basis, once an ET client has been trained and is functionally capable of handling their own needs, a Project Manager may only be needed for regular check-ins to ensure that the account is happy and healthy. However, the goals for service never change and we are committed to providing the best service available for our clients.

At the end of the day though, as an organization, when it comes to the old adage, ‘give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’, we’re not picky – we’re happy to fish for you or to teach you how to cast the line. With Fountayn, the world of eClinical technology is your ocean.