Newsletter | November 9, 2023

11.09.23 -- How To Accelerate Digital Clinical Transformation Through A Holistic Approach


Accelerating Digital Clinical Transformation Through A Holistic Approach

Only one-third of companies that have started a digital transformation journey have witnessed the expected ROI/revenue benefits. Explore the 10 key enterprise capabilities for successful digital clinical transformation.


Empowering Oncology Research With The Right Technology Solutions

Numerous aspects of oncology clinical research present inherent complexities. Explore how advanced technology solutions have the potential to simplify the operational aspects of oncology trials.

Simplify Clinical Data Flow To Streamline And Automate Data Review

Examine the three reasons why simplifying your clinical data flow can increase operational oversight, shorten data management cycle times, and reduce the manual burdens on data management teams.

Data From Wearables Used As FDA-Endorsed Primary Endpoint

See how Bellerophon Therapeutics, a clinical-stage biotherapeutics company, was able to save its clinical development program through the use of objective, continuous digital outcome measures.

Big Roadblocks To Avoid When Implementing A New CTMS

Watch as presenters from Medidata dive into the most common roadblocks customers face when adopting a modern clinical trial management system — and how to avoid them.

Transform Monitoring, Data Management Using eSource/EDC

Discover an integrated eSource/EDC model, in which source data is collected electronically and then transmitted automatically, allowing sponsors to review, query, code, lock, and extract the data.

Beyond Integration: Flexible Orchestration Of IRT And eCOA Solutions

Consider how the orchestration of integrated response technologies for randomization and trial supply management and electronic clinical outcomes assessments can improve studies.

Linking Clinical Trial Data With Real-World Data: Q&A With HealthVerity

Director of Partners and Alliance Management at HealthVerity KC Ahlberg discusses key trends related to the use of RWD in clinical trials and the value sponsors are realizing through data linkage.

EU Annex 11: How To Stay Compliant

EU Annex 11 outlines the European Union’s regulations for using computerized systems during trials. Uncover why sponsors and sites needing approval for new medical treatments, must follow Annex 11.

Exploring Integrations In Decentralized Clinical Trials

Each decentralized trial is unique and has its own set of requirements. Based on a trial’s design, consider how to plan for necessary system interactions, leverage the data collected, and select the right partner.

Repositioning Your CDM Team To Meet Digital Trial Demands

Take these steps when repositioning your clinical data management team to unify cross-functional reviews and align processes and technology to meet the demands of digital trials.