Newsletter | October 31, 2023

Best of October: Top 5 Insights In Clinical Trial Technology

Clinical Tech Leader


#1  Navigating The Hype Of AI In Clinical Research

When you consider the rising cost of healthcare in America, a major physician shortage, and economic headwinds stirring fear across the field, we can’t afford to not use AI. We shouldn’t be asking ourselves questions of why, but rather, why not. But that begs a new question: Why haven’t we seen the impact, adoption, and value of AI more broadly across clinical research?

#2  The Value Of Tokenizing Clinical Development Data

When working to accelerate therapies and devices for patients during clinical development, accessing and linking real-world data (RWD) can pose some of the greatest challenges. Explore how teams can overcome data challenges and experience a return on investment from the tokenization of clinical trial data.

#3  How To Accelerate Digital Clinical Transformation Through A Holistic Approach

Only one third of companies that have started a digital transformation journey has witnessed the expected ROI/revenue benefits. In the successful cases, a holistic, integrated approach created the transformational value. Explore the 10 key enterprise capabilities for successful digital clinical transformation.

#4  So You Want Your Trial To Be More Patient-Centric? Here's Why An eCOA Is Best For That

eCOAs transform the paper-based assessment into a real-time digital tool that collects insights directly from the patient about their disease, the trial experience, and the treatment’s impact on their quality of life. Explore why this brings several immediate benefits.

#5  Can DCTs Be Both Patient Centric And Financially Efficient For Sites?

While DCTs have the potential to provide more convenience and improved access for patients, the anticipated cost savings touted for these trials have yet to materialize fully at the site level. In fact, the opposite has occurred in some instances.